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Sheryl in Peril – Part 2: A December to Dismember

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I am trying to remember what happened to my legs. They used to be under my pelvic region and now they are gone. I know I had them. I have memories of running, jumping, and hiking. I cannot think of the last time that I had them. They are just gone.

-Steve Vicks

I was a hand model. You’ve seen my work, holding soap here, applying lotion there. Now I look at my stumped arms knowing that my modeling days are over. Sadder than that though is all the uses of the hand I used to take for granted that I can no longer do.

-Michelle Carter

I lost my right arm in an accident when I was a kid.I have learned to compensate since. But recently I had my right leg robbed from me. They say they can get me a prosthetic, but this is just unfair.

-Simon “Lefty” Burns

Sheryl in Peril – Part 2: A December to Dismember

Last year, as many were shopping, there was a lunatic in our city taking body parts from the living. This left our city in terror. The man had eight victims and there was no sense that he was going to ease up at anytime.

I had been seeing Sheryl for an eating disorder, but her most pressing issue was that her life was always in danger. Last December was a little different as the demented dismembering demon was not a murder. He amputated people and had no reason other than curiosity.

Sheryl was finishing her Christmas shopping. She had one more store to hit and all that was left would be the wrapping. She was aware of the criminal out there taking limbs but not lives. The crimes had been exclusively committed downtown, so she had no worries about being attacked in the suburbs. As things go for Sheryl though, the attacker had gotten out of the city to find his latest victim.

As Sheryl got out of her car at the final destination, she was chloroformed. She woke up in her house tied down on her laundry room table. She could see that she had a I.V. drip in her arm and that she couldn’t feel her legs. She then realized she was about to be the next victim.

She couldn’t see anyone. She tried to free herself, but was unable to get loose. She thought about screaming, but not knowing where her assailant was, she decided to just keep trying to loosen up her binding. ¬†She was frightened but composed. Her captor was still undetectable. Hours had passed and she was making little progress on getting loose.

Finally a neighbor showed up to drop off a gift. Sheryl heard the doorbell and screamed for help. Her neighbor was calling 911 as she entered the house. She got to the laundry room and saw a guy laying on the floor and Sheryl tied up. The guy was dead. He was electrocuted when he went to plug in his saw. Sheryl spent the next hour hearing how lucky she was.

Sheryl in Peril – Part 1: Who is Sheryl?

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The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Most people call it denial, but they are lies. That is my assessment of most anyone I counsel, but Sheryl is a different beast all together. Her life is complicated, complex to a degree that no other manic, phobic, or maniac can reach.

Sheryl in Peril

I have been a therapist for twenty years. Seventeen of those years, I consider myself as an excellent therapist. The last three have been challenging, exhausting and too often ineffectual. Three years, that is how long I have been seeing Sheryl. Now I am not blaming her for my struggles. It is my inability and shortcomings to help her that is the issue. As some may infer, colleagues do consult each other about special cases while not breaking confidentiality. I have relied heavily on my colleagues to help me through the situation and help me with Sheryl.

How I best describe Sheryl, is that her life is a horror movie. Although, instead of vanquishing the killer/monster and having the movie end, her story gets rebooted and she must overcome new villains cast against her. She has survived numerous attempts on her life. She is a magnet for mayhem yet survives against all odds. There was even an attempt on her life in my waiting area, traumatizing many clients and family members in attendance. Thankfully the only life lost was the attacker.

I cannot treat Sheryl, because I cannot diagnose her proclivity for peril. She isn’t even seeing me to deal with her emotions of constantly being attacked. She has had an eating disorder since childhood that precedes her battle of eternal malicious intent against her. While I have made headway in treating her eating disorder, I feel her being constantly in danger is the final obstacle to overcome to rid her of her eating disorder. We have overcome her rough life leading to her disorder.

While many have perished around her, she survives without ever being significantly hurt. She has never had a broken bone or even a sprain. She got a concussion once, buy has not had an overnight hospital stay. This invulnerability leads to a denial that prevents her from realizing what dangerous situations she has been in. She doesn’t open up to me much about it. Most of what I have learned about the attempts on her life is from newspaper articles and internet searches. She wants to overcome her eating disorder yet won’t face what I feel is the final cure, living a life free from danger.

Dirty Thirty

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I woke this morning and forgot that today was my birthday. We celebrated during the day at my parents’ house, then with my friends that evening on Saturday. So, other than the actual chronometer flipping today, I had taken care of everything on my end. I didn’t go to bed last night thinking about it being my birthday today. Other than resolving the celebration on Saturday, I have no explanation for why I didn’t think of this occasion. It is a milestone. Last year I wrote a post of how my sisters and some friends don’t ever age past 29. I did step gracefully into my 30s today with my head held high looking towards the future and kissing my Raging 20s goodbye.

I’ve never married, nor been engaged, never been pregnant either, which has been my life’s plan. I have siblings-in-law, nieces, and nephews so my life is full and rewarding enough without having to add to the drama of family. I love my job and while it may still be years for my next promotion, I am currently making 175% of my budget and have saved up quite a bit. My retirement portfolio is growing nicely as well. I am happy with what I have accomplished and don’t need to rock the ship I am sailing with dependents. When I hear my friends have to rush their kids somewhere or find a babysitter, I can relax and take care of myself without worrying about taking care of kids (or spouse, ex-spouse).

My life goals may be simple, but I am on top of my world.